Good Wine Day at the Office

I was sitting at my office in Manhattan working on year-end numbers going more and more blind by the minute when the friendly Fedex guy arrived bringing me the bottle of 2007 Dingac Winery Plavac Peljesac Peninsula I’d ordered and sort of forgotten about.  How sweet is that?  I can’t wait to try this red from Croatia.

I went back to work when the UPS guy showed up with a @wine_com holiday gift from my boss, a 2004 Château Pavie Decesse Saint-Emilion Grand Cru!  What special occasion will I save this little 91 Points WS gem for?  I’ll think of something.


7 Responses to Good Wine Day at the Office

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  2. Randy Watson says:

    Very nice! 🙂

    I say crack into the Pavie tonight! Why not!

  3. A very lucky day for you indeed! Question for you, since you are the Food and Wine Chickie… what do you plan to pair them with??

    • Veronique says:

      Tamara, I’m thinking lamb chops with the 2007 Dingac Winery Plavac as I imagine it to be Zin-like. Since the Chateau still needs to mature several years, I’ll have time to think of something delicious to pair with it. Maybe a special Chateaubriand.

  4. Tim Hilcove says:

    Year end numbers are a drag. Special Occasion? It’s the first #winewednesday of the year!

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