Suggestions for a Neat Night in the West Village

Last Saturday night, seven of us went to the West Village to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday.  We wanted an affordable dinner, then to visit a few bars as a group.  Yes, we’re drinkers.  No, we can’t/don’t want to drink like we’re still 20 years old.  We wanted to go to places that could accommodate seven of us to a decent level of comfort while still being fun.  Here are the places we visited that I know some of you looking for a great night out with friends would also enjoy:



Agave: 140 7th Avenue South (Charles & 10th Streets.):  This casual, buzzing southwestern restaurant offers creative Mexican food that is straight-forward enough for your entire party to enjoy.  Agave, as the name suggests, offers a great variety of margaritas, including the tasty prickly pear margarita that a couple of us loved.  Winning appetizers are the freshly made guacamole, the blue crab chipotle spinach dip and the pork carnitas.  Some of the entrees we opted for are the skirt steak and mushroom quesadillas, the squash blossom tacos, the slow braised beef enchiladas and the Santa Fe Sheppard’s pie.  Overall, the food is good, the space is inviting and the crowd is varied and fun (tequila helps).

Riviera Café & Sports Bar:  225 W. 4th Street (at 7th Avenue South):  Sport bar with tons of TVs and perfect to catch a game…ANY game…ALL games.  Fun wait staff, cold beer and not over-crowded.  Good spot to end the evening.

Downtown Galway Hooker: 133 7th Avenue South (7th avenue at Charles Street):  Can you say “FUN”!?  Irish bar, fun atmosphere, youngish crowd (mid-20s – late 30s), great to catch a Fighting Irish game on a Saturday night.

Galloway Hooker

Galloway Hooker

There are tons of fun places to go to in the West Village, and the above are solid choices for your next night out in Manhattan.  Cheers!


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