Restaurant Blue Pepper


Blue Pepper Interior

Blue Pepper Interior

Blue Pepper is a very intimate space near the popular Leidseplein in Amsterdam. The restaurant is away from the touristy places, but within close proximity to the nightlife and fun of Leidseplein.


First, the service at Blue Pepper is impeccable.  Our server was very well-versed about the menu and the ingredients and had great wine recommendations. Very impressed by him, and can’t say this about many people in that role.

Executive chef Sonja Pereira does an amazing job at recreating the famous Indonesian rice table. The 70 Euro tasting menu features over 25 dishes, yes 25, each more outstanding than the next.  Stellar were the citrusy soup, the lamb saté, the extra spicy meat ‘stew’ and the banana and caramel fritter.

Blue Pepper Food

Blue Pepper Food



We’re experienced diners and this might be one of my top 5 meals ever.  A must-try in a city not typically known for its cuisine.





Blue Pepper

Nassaukade 366

1054 AB Amsterdam

Telephone: 020-4897039


One Response to Restaurant Blue Pepper

  1. Randy Watson says:

    I had a reservation to go here when I was out there last month but due to Delta’s BS, I missed an entire day of my trip and consequently my experience at the Blue Pepper 😦

    Hope I’ll have better luck next time!


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