Just when I thought I couldn’t enjoy Greek food more…

…How to Roast Lamb happens to me

How to Roast Lamb

How to Roast Lamb

I received my copy of Michael Psilakis’ “How to Roast Lamb” last week and I love this cookbook.  I’ve been a huge fan of Michael Psilakis for quite a while and have enjoyed dining at Kefi several times and can’t say enough about this “cookbook”.  I say “cookbook” as it’s way more than that.  Michael shares traditions, family and his rise to fame throughout the book and his passion for Greek food has renewed my interest in cooking this wonderful food and not just eating it out.

The book itself is weighty and features amazing quality paper (I’m a fan of good paper).  The photos of the food and of Michael’s family are great and left me wanting more (please tell me there’s more!).

I love that Michael could have made the recipes complicated to show off his grasp of fine cooking and his graduation to Manhattan’s elite, but opted to make each dish something even a basic home cook could recreate.  His goal to make Greek food accessible and simple to share with family and friends was accomplished – in a big way.

Looking forward to dining at Anthos and Michael’s next book.  Well done.


4 Responses to Just when I thought I couldn’t enjoy Greek food more…

  1. Peter says:

    Glad you like the book. I’ve tried a couple of recipes and I look forward to tasting more.

  2. 1WineDude says:

    Roast lamb needs to happen to me way, way, way more often that it does now…

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