Finest Steaks in New York City? Absolutely at Keens

Keens Steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse

Keens Steakhouse, dating back to 1885, is an icon in the New York restaurant scene and a premier steakhouse.  Whether for lunch or dinner, there’s not a bad meal to be had at Keens.  The staff, from initial greeter to hostess to waiters, is top notch.

As soon as diners walk through the doors, they are hit with the most amazing steak aroma.  The menu is predictable steakhouse, and solid.  It features various cuts of dry-aged beef, the legendary mutton chop and various options for non-meat eaters.  During a last visit, the steak was of superior quality and was grilled to perfection.   The appetizers and sides are straight-forward and perfect.  The sliced tomatoes and onions and the lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing are great starters.  The creamed spinach and the sautéed wild mushrooms are favorites.

Decor is neat, in an old-world steakhouse sort of way. Not trendy – in a good way.  The ceiling is covered with antique clay pipes that patrons early on had to leave at the restaurant to prevent the pipes from breaking during their voyage on horseback.  Can’t get any more authentic than this place.


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