2004 Cantina Zaccagnini Riserva – Uber Food Friendliness

I went to a MeetUp wine tasting event on Friday night and was fortunate enough to sample over 31 wines.  The selection of wines was varied, ranging from an affordable Donny Boon Syrah to a mid-priced 2003 Chalk Hill to a couple extremely nice Super Tuscans.

I know it’s not ‘right’, but I skipped most whites in favor of the reds and found one of the affordable finds very pleasant and food-friendly.  I’m talking about the 2004 Cantina Zaccagnini Riserva.  This wine wasn’t overwhelming but had enough depth to satisfy me in a way only Italian wines can.

After so many wines, I didn’t fully trust my palate, so I bought a couple of bottles for an Italian dinner party I hosted last night.  The wine was a crowd pleaser and even features a tiny vine twig attached to the bottle (touch classier than a wicker covered bottle).  My friends who enjoy lighter reds didn’t find this wine too robust for them, and folks, like me, who like a mouthful of fruit appreciated it also.  The wine is a vibrantly purple in the glass and every sip brings about a big mouthful of peppery blackberries that ends in a dry finish.  Pairing this wine with my meat lasagna was a great move and finishing my last swallow with dark, decadent Valhrona chocolate brownies was also fitting.

The 2004 Cantina Zaccagnini Riserva is typically in the $14-$15 price range, but I was able to find it on sale for $11.99 at Wine Library.  Smart buy, solid and affordable wine.


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