Five Things I Love About the Wine Library

  1. The daily sales emails are full of bargains – real ones.
  2. The online ordering process is superior in every way: the selection is there; the process is simple and the automated emails are clear and informative.  The packaging used to ship wines offers uber-protection against breakage.
  3. The customer service is amazing with fast responses. Couldn’t find a wine I’d hear of and an actual person emailed me within 20 minutes to offer to order the desired wine right away.
  4. The Springfield, NJ store is perfect: a) specialty store that’s second-to-none b) great floor layout with everyday value wines on the first floor and special occasion wines on the second c) the wine cave makes me feel like I’m walking in oenophile heaven.
  5. Love following the staff on Twitter @winelibrary @wldaily @garyv !

2 Responses to Five Things I Love About the Wine Library

  1. I love the new approach towards carrying small producer wines (biodynamic AND organic) bumped into a distributor of these wines the other day and he said that there is a push towards these wines at many stores…. Gary’s store has amazing buying power…so the best deals are to be found at the Wine Library!

    stay tuned for my article including Gary V in Edible Jersey later this fall. wb

  2. M.McKenzie says:

    At NELSON WADE Magazine, we like the way the Wine Library breaks downs the “best selling” reds, whites, etc. Unique wine selection to say the least!

    We also like their collection of Gaelic liquid joy…

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